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This page is no longer actively maintained and will soon be archived. Please visit our new page at for up to date information.

WVU Research Computing Resources

Welcome to the WVU Research Computing (RC) High Performance Computing (HPC) Wiki. This wiki contains supplement information to the RCs HPC main site, mainly on specific system information and using the cluster.

For requesting help, create a new ticket at the Research Computing HPC Help Desk web page. You are welcome to e-mail any member of the RC HPC team directly, but since we are not always at our desk, the ticket system will guarantee that your support question will be seen by someone currently available.

High Performance Computing Clusters

Old cluster, 32 compute nodes with Westmere X5650 processors at 2.67 GHz. To be decommissioned after the deployment of Thorny Flat

Current production cluster, 176 compute nodes with Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell and Broadwell processors.

Future cluster. To be deployed around fall 2018. Compute nodes most probably being SkyLake Gold 6138 or similar.

Getting started


Parallel Programming

Software and Libraries

Extra Information

HPC Presentations